The name inlisboa.com in the stores/galleries was thought to take us to the site, and they are working together. A Portal that we are waiting that soon it will become a reference, as nationally, as internationally (to serve all the tourists who visit Lisbon), through hundreds of photos, vídeos, maps and information.
This Project is a new concept, which wrap the Art and the Innovation, united to the stores, promoting this historic areas of Lisbon, and for that purpose, we started to work in Bairro Alto, in a first fase, and after that we worked in Baixa and Chiado. We gather much images and little curiosities, from the historic, social and cultural framing, which you can see on our Portal.
Because it’s a pioneer Project, we needed an intensive searching to obtain all the containts, and they are also translated to English and French.
In the Portal inlisboa.com, we can consult all the products: geo-referenced maps (Baixa, Chiado and Bairro Alto), a great gallery with works (aquarelles, canvas in oil, serigraphies, engravings…) signed by students from the School of Fine Arts of Lisbon, reproductions from the originals, postcards, book markers, puzzles, glazed tiles, and many other products.

Our maps are unique: we needed near 5000 photos from the air to make them and they are painted with colour pencils, and some of the main squares are designed and painted in 3D. The paintings make reference to Lisbon (The Tejo River, the Saint George Castle, the collection of tramcars, the traditional Lisbon Fountains, the Belveders, the typical streets,…). In the Entire Project, we had a special care in the selection of the themes, painting just the historic patrimony, the divulgation of interesting places with beautiful landscapes (Belveders and typical streets) and the culture (we’ve represented the Fado in some paintings).
If someboby ask us to describe our Project in a statement, it’s something like this:

“With the stores/galleries inlisboa.com it is possible to buy unique pieces allusives to Lisbon by a competitive price, when compared with the rest of the market.
There are available on the Internet some historic curiosities to consultate (which help you to know a little bit more about the works of art), to valorizate the historic neighbourhoods of Lisbon. Visit us and be enchanted by all the beautiful landscapes that Lisbon offer us”.

Talking about prices, we practice competitive prices. You can buy aquarelles from 6€ to 30€, you can also order a copy by 7.5€, canvas from 15€ to 400€, engravings for 20€ and serigraphies for 50€.

We wanted also to detach the relation price/quality of the Works available here, cause we are practicing prices under the market value, so accept our invitation, look to our online gallery and don’t miss the oportunity to buy the beautiful Works that we have!

This Project, which has its head Office in Bairro Alto (Rua da Atalaia, nº 153), and with a second store/gallery in Avenida da Liberdade, near Restauradores (Palladium Shopping Center, nº 7), wants to promote the historic neighbourhoods of Lisbon, through the plastic arts.

Sincerely Yours,

Paulo Eduardo Parreira


inLisboa.com | Rua da Atalaia nº 153 R/C 1200-039 Lisboa | Tel/Fax : (+351) 21 343 19 11 | info@inLisboa.com